If you’re recruiting for a customer facing role, or for one which requires team leadership or management skills, you will want to see how participants interact with others when under pressure or being challenged. With a professional roleplayer, you can add an authentic scenario to your process – a difficult conversation perhaps, or a complaint… a sales meeting, group discussion or negotiation.

Whether you choose to use ‘off the shelf’ exercises, or to create bespoke exercises that reflect the specifics of your organisation, adding interactive elements to your recruitment/selection event will complete the assessment picture, and assist you in making the right decision for your business.

With careful casting to fit with your customer, staff and industry profiles, and levels of challenge benchmarked across the teams, our roleplayers replicate conversations and situations as directed in a consistent and professional manner, allowing a level playing field for all applicants to demonstrate their skills and capabilities in the best way possible.

  • For recruitment and selection both internally and externally
  • Fair and consistent performance as directed
  • Adds to an open and honest process that is evidence based
  • Creates a level playing field for all candidates
  • Flexible use of materials – off the shelf or devised specifically
  • Managed teams to ensure consistency
  • Realistic casting, training with materials and monitoring of the project
‘…What I particularly appreciate about working with them is that they are easy to work with. They are friendly and constructive… The actors that they supply are of high quality (i.e. they know their briefs and play the ‘roles’ well)…’

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There are many different ways which roleplay can be used in the training room and the assessment arena – continue exploring to see how we can help.

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