Interactive elements provide useful evidence in Development events. Whether used in a traditional, assessed setting or as part of a more fluid workshop, the participant has the flexibility to explore concepts, behaviours and processes in a safe environment.

Whether benchmarking your workforce capabilities, nurturing talent, identifying future leaders or honing the skills of the ones you have, roleplay can be a powerful learning tool. Participants can be challenged at levels appropriate for their needs, with the option of feedback from the role-players, sharing with them how the interaction felt.

In assessment mode, challenges can be tailored to each candidate, allowing them to try out alternative methods or behaviours – and in a workshop environment, different styles of roleplay can be used to stretch and challenge, with elements like character-led group discussions, forum theatre, simulations or realplay sessions.

  • For benchmarking skills and identifying areas of improvement
  • Levels of challenge can be adjusted to suit participant
  • Facilitation and feedback from roleplayers if required
  • Opportunity to video interactions to study after the workshop
  • Practise handling difficult conversations and situations
  • A safe, learning environment
  • Cultivate the talent in your current workforce
‘…What I particularly appreciate about working with them is that they are easy to work with. They are friendly and constructive… The actors that they supply are of high quality (i.e. they know their briefs and play the ‘roles’ well)…’

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