A powerful tool… and especially useful when used with small breakout groups. Very personal issues can be brought to the table, giving participants an opportunity to re-run a less than successful conversation, practice a meeting that is due to happen in the future, or try out techniques to deal with particular people that they have an on-going issues with.

Used as part of an Impact and Influence session, participants have a chance to flex their own style to influence someone who they perceive to have an opposing style to their natural way of communicating. Used in conjunction with training on MBTI or Insights for example, participants can practice using their new knowledge and techniques in a safe environment.

Confidentiality is key to using Realplay successfully. All participants need to be comfortable sharing information with the group about people and situations they have issues with – and with the feedback and advice that will come from the group during the session.

  • Participants bring own issues to the table
  • Confidential environment
  • Sharing of experience with colleagues
  • Creates a support network
  • Stop/start techniques useful
  • Facilitated sessions to keep focus
  • A chance to practice new ideas
'…It was evident from what she said and how she was after that session that it had made a big difference to her – so it’s great to hear that she still felt that positive about it when back in the team in which she’s having quite a tough time…'

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