These events are designed for team building and change management events – or to maybe just to encourage a diverse group of people to work together quickly. Delegates are challenged to write and produce a play, advert or film under the guidance of our professional team. Originally a three-day facilitated course for Senior Management, this can be tailored to suit your needs.

For these events, our team is there as technical help – writers, acting coaches, technicians, camera and sound. How much the client team gets involved, depends on the size of the group and the quality of the end result desired.

While working together under pressure to deliver, trust and quick thinking are essential. Themes can also be added into the mix, such as communication, company values or diversity. Both the theatre and the movie challenge can be set in any type of venue, from conference room to professional theatre space, and the whole event can be captured on video, fly on the wall style, for future development use.

  • Creative
  • Working together in different ways
  • Can be themed to fit with values
  • Challenging
  • Moves out of the comfort zone
  • Encourages trust in others

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There are many different ways which roleplay can be used in the training room and the assessment arena – continue exploring to see how we can help.


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