Any behavioural training issue involving interactions between people can be covered using drama, using experienced roleplayer facilitators assisting trainers with both feedback and managing small breakout groups. The most difficult and uncomfortable situations can be played out here in a safe environment.

A typical combination for this kind of training session might be: a short scenario as an ice breaker introduction – a water cooler moment perhaps – followed by scenarios played out to the audience in plenary for them to comment on. There may be opportunities to stop/start/re-run the action – and if the groups are manageable in size, some 1-1 forum theatre style scenarios could follow, in which everyone can participate.

Other options include: sets of simulated scenarios that follow on from each other, real time simulation exercises, roleplay team games, hot seating and tag scenarios and realplay using situations from the participants own workplace.

  • Creative and imaginative
  • Entertaining and involving
  • Game playing can push message home
  • Using a combination of styles to suit participants
  • Demonstration scenarios to illustrate
  • Interactive elements to experience impact
  • Difficult issues can be tackled openly
  • A chance to ‘Say it out loud”
  • Tailored to your organisational needs
‘… I wanted to send you an email to thank you for the wonderful work you did for us on the High Performance Teams project. They are obviously very pleased with it and I don’t know if you are aware, but they are hoping to put the project in for an award...’

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