A popular style when filming training scenarios, is the natural ‘Fly on the Wall’ technique, where the roleplayer’s ability to improvise around a specific subject and script is key to the feel and look of the piece. Working to a semi-scripted structure, the roleplayer delivers the words and communication method in their own distinct style, with all being captured on film or audio.

With careful casting and in-depth discussions with both client and the film’s director, the roleplayers are able to give naturalistic and spontaneous performances.

Production of tightly scripted projects, using auto-cue where practical, is also possible, again cast to requirements for either on screen, or as voice-over / narration for existing materials.

Our writers work with client’s L and D teams to create elegant solutions for their needs, and together with our casting service, we can also help with producing, directing, filming, technical equipment and studio hire.

  • Scripted or Improvised
  • Scenarios for training on particular issues
  • Company specific with bespoke content
  • Industry specific
  • Legal and organisational procedures
  • Can be used on different platforms

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