Discovering your style – and being able to flex it, so you can communicate effectively with the audience in front of you, is a challenge at any level. Whether giving presentations live or on web link, recording footage for your marketing tools, persuading, negotiating or motivating, there is no substitute for confidence and technique – and the opportunity to practice is key to gaining that.

Our teams support clients both with their own training courses and with devising bespoke sessions, helping trainers with illustrating, demonstrating and participating in scenarios and exercises in order to practice listening, fact finding, presenting, body language, negotiating, feedback, motivating and empathetic skills in an interactive, non-stressful atmosphere.

With years of drama training and business experience behind them, our associates have their own toolkits and experiences to share, to help people find their style, learn new skills, get insider tips and practice techniques in a supportive environment.

  • Builds confidence with skills
  • Opportunity to practice
  • Supportive environment
  • Tips and exercises for improvement
  • Interactive and tailored to participants needs
  • For communicating live or via video / web

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There are many different ways which roleplay can be used in the training room and the assessment arena – continue exploring to see how we can help.

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