As a leader of people, you have a personal style that is comfortable for you – and key to developing your skills is in recognising what you do already and how that works, while considering the other choices and styles available for you when a situation demands.

Using scenarios to illustrate and interact with, leadership styles can be demonstrated and discussed within the group, encouraging and practising different approaches, and discussing which could be used effectively in various situations to gain the best outcomes.

These scenarios can use either generic business situations to provoke discussion, or Realplay techniques, with the participant’s own experiences and situations from within the organisation brought to life. This makes the experience very personal and relevant to an individual, as they can gain insight into why a situation didn’t play out quite in the way that was expected.

  • Provoke discussion and understanding of different styles
  • Interactive and demonstration
  • Generic business situations or true life examples
  • A chance to practice new ways of doing things
  • Gather valuable feedback from both roleplayers and peers
' …I’ve heard lots of positive feedback about the impact of the course from previous attendees when I bump into them around the organisation – and it was great to hear a specific example so soon after this week’s event… '

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