There are so many uses of roleplay in the training room – scenarios, simulation, forum theatre styles, realplay – and your courses can benefit from using any or all of them. Interactive sessions throughout a training day get your staff observing, thinking, talking, discussing and participating in the dozens of subjects that can be covered.

From customer service to performance management… breaking bad news to personal impact… bullying and diversity issues to negotiation skills… training on any subject that requires interaction between staff, customers, clients, stakeholders or the public can be enhanced with interactive elements.

Scenarios to illustrate, demonstrations to comment on, interactions to observe… all with the potential to direct from the floor, to take part in, to stop/start, re-run and add experience to. All can be tailored for your organisation, staff profiles and training needs.

  • Interactive, informative, entertaining
  • A chance to practice new techniques in a safe environment
  • Any subject or course - real life in the training room
  • Facilitated breakout groups add focus
  • Bespoke scenarios and situations challenge and inform
  • Explore company procedure and process
  • Deal with difficult conversations and situations
  • We can say what you own staff don't want to say out loud
‘I have worked with Michael Browne Associates for over ten years across a wide variety of client projects. Throughout that time I have always found their actors to be professional, flexible and highly realistic. Sessions using MBA actors are frequently rated by delegates as the most useful and developmental elements of our programmes. The opportunity to try out new behaviours in a safe environment and receive feedback on their impact and style from the actors really is invaluable. I look forward to working with Michael, Angie and their team for many years to come.’

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