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As part of the Love sight® initiative, we provided roleplayer support for a training programme of innovative communication techniques to help identify and improve adherence in Glaucoma patients. These involved practical, interactive skills training meetings to train senior healthcare professionals from across Europe and required a large team of 30 roleplayers who were over 60 and fluent in the different Languages required, which were English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch.

The roleplayers worked with several case studies during the workshops, each of them a detailed brief, including patient clinical profiles, personality traits, life situation, history, concerns to express and level of challenge. They also had to feedback to delegates on their feelings following the scenarios.

The aim of the initiative was to improve the consultants’ questioning skills, especially with older, less physically adept patients. The feedback from the client was very positive, and the initiative a great success.

‘…Following on from our meeting on Monday I would like to say that Mary did a wonderful job with the role plays at our training meeting - indeed we quite forgot she was not a real patient at all !...’

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