Training for identifying and managing diversity, bullying and discrimination issues in the workplace is becoming seen as increasingly beneficial, as our multi-strand society brings its challenges to organisations. Using roleplay and drama techniques, ‘Live in the training room’ delivers a considerably stronger impact than video alone, with an opportunity to demonstrate powerful situations right in front of the participants.

With careful casting aligning with our client needs, authentic demonstration scenarios, storytelling, stop/start forum theatre, hot seating and 1-1 exercises can be devised and delievered, to bring out into the open the most sensitive of subjects. As roleplayers stay in character, the impact of the interaction in the scenario can be discussed openly with them, allowing valuable insight into how the simplest of comments can be taken to heart, damaging the relationships within teams.

  • A diverse, associate database to cast from
  • Experience in different roleplay techniques
  • Opportunity to explore the impact of behaviours
  • In the moment feedback from the characters
  • Scenarios to promote discussion and debate
  • The option to stop, start, rerun and recreate
‘…What worked well, was that I had good actors, who made the situations very real – and not being a good actor myself, I had no option but to follow their cues. Soon after that, things began to feel very real and I responded accordingly…’

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