An international delivery client needed to challenge a long-standing culture of discrimination and bullying, and chose to tackle this by running a series of Diversity awareness courses. Using story telling and interactive forum theatre techniques with a larger group of participants, our roleplayers portrayed a variety of situations and characters during the course of the day, working with a trainer facilitator to bring the interactions to life and pausing the action to allow the audience to comment, share experience, direct the action and begin to resolve the situation in a fair and empathetic manner.

The benefit of using roleplayers in events with sensitive, emotional or controversial subjects and characters, is that there is an opportunity for the group to witness and experience first hand the impact of behaviours and language that are often normally hidden from public view, without having to physically take part in the situation.

Examples can be subtle through to extreme, with our teams able to portray the behaviours and emotions of both victim and perpetrator as required. The audience can observe the effect that these behaviours have, gain feedback from the characters themselves to understand their emotional impact and discuss how situations can be improved and changed, without putting themselves centre stage.

'…I’ve heard lots of positive feedback about the impact of the course from previous attendees when I bump into them around the organisation – and it was great to hear a specific example so soon after this week’s event…'

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