Whether used in plenary with a large group or in 1-1 interactions via facilitated breakout groups, Forum Theatre techniques can be a powerful additions to your training event, allowing participants to observe, comment, redirect, stop, restart, rerun and take part in a variety of situations, changing the course of the story and it’s impact.

Especially useful when tackling difficult or contentious issues, interactive elements can be combined with other training tools to illustrate how company policy, process and goals can be maintained whilst still dealing with the situation at hand.

Roleplayers can also say and portray situations that might be difficult or embarrassing for your staff to recreate for themselves. As a ‘live version’ of a training video, the scenarios are useful enough… but with an opportunity to change the outcome, to step in and take over one of the characters or discuss what is unfolding in front of them, participants get truly involved in situations, gaining greater understanding about impact and consequences.

  • Opportunity to stop, start, rerun and recreate
  • Flexible - roleplayers are experienced in improvisation
  • Input from staff shape the direction of the session
  • The chance to ‘Say it out loud’
  • Explore many different, difficult and embarrassing subjects
  • Brings many experiences into the room
  • Confidential and safe environment - Chatham House rules
  • Facilitated, with feedback on how the characters feel at any given moment
'…The interactive sessions made the sessions interesting and really worthwhile to attend. This was different and a better way of relaying behaviours than the previous, read, read, read. This was practical. Don't we all know that good practice makes perfect?!. The acting sessions were brilliant, very practical, relevant and beneficial to relay the message on behaviours across… '

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