We have worked with this government department for many years, providing roleplayer teams for promotion boards, recruitment and graduate assessment. This project is a workshop for senior civilian fast trackers, which explores the importance of first impressions and how to influence.

The first session covers body language, vocal skills and presentation, with practical, interactive exercises to examine how the individual’s voice and physicality works for them.

Later, there is an observation exercise, where a scenario is performed and the different behaviours noted and discussed. This is followed by 1-1 roleplay in facilitated breakout groups, using specially devised scenarios.

'…The interactive sessions made the sessions interesting and really worthwhile to attend. This was different and a better way of relaying behaviours than the previous, read, read, read. This was practical. Don't we all know that good practice makes perfect?!. The acting sessions were brilliant, very practical, relevant and beneficial to relay the message on behaviours across… '

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