Actors spend 3 years at drama school learning the basics of how to use their voice and physicality to create authentic and believable characters – and then they spend the rest of their careers practising these techniques, learning about the different ways that people use Words, Music and Dance in their everyday lives, and the impact it has on others around them.

The Words are the participant’s own creation… but the Music (vocal skills) and Dance (Body Language) are a much larger part of the influencing equation. These workshops are practical sessions, where participants explore their own vocal and physical styles with exercises designed to practice flexibility in approach and execution, helping them achieve the results they are seeking.

If speaking in public, influencing in meetings or just having more purposeful and positive conversations is important to you, this session has valuable strategies to help concentrate on developing a personal, confident style, with tips on how to modify approaches to suit any situation.


  • Interactive, practical session
  • Understand how the voice is produced
  • Explore your personal vocal style
  • Exercises to take home and practice
  • Understand the subtleties of body language
  • Experiment with presentation styles
'…I am very grateful to you both for your outstanding performances on Friday… You were outstanding and the audience kept on talking about you and the whole performance that evening and on Saturday… '

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