While on a framework providing roleplayers for Training, Assessment, Recruitment and Development, we worked with this Government Department on a project designed to maximise Impact and Influence. Supporting an external trainer, our MBTI typed teams were used to good effect helping participants recognise and work with different MBTI styles.

The module was a taster training course in MBTI and as part of this, our specially typed teams introduced themselves to the group, talking about subjects that they were interested in and sharing background information naturally as they would in real life. After meeting everyone, the group then decided which type the roleplayers were and discussed how they had deduced that from the way the role-players had shared the information.

In a different part of the workshop, the main group was then split into type sections, with a roleplayer facilitator of an opposite type working with each of them. This gave the group an opportunity to discuss behavioural style and practise challenging conversations they had had in the past with colleagues and managers of opposite types, flexing their own style and gaining an understanding of where the friction points lay.

'…just to say that we got some great feedback from the participants on Bryonie - she was really authentic in the role-play and three of the four participants commented on how realistic she made the meeting...'

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