As part of this challenging exercise or event for groups, the time pressure imposed on these situations can make the difference between success and disaster. This technique can be used as a day long exercise to practice existing guidelines and systems, or as part of a larger event to explore how teams work together under pressure.

The roleplayers are used as catalysts, to set wheels in motion and keep the time element of the challenge real and constant. By playing a range of characters such as managers, colleagues, members of the public, journalists and safety specialists, urgent items can be brought to the teams to deal with within a set structure, creating a need for delegation, leadership, teamwork and quick thinking.

The subject matter can be anything that gets teams working together – from a full-blown disaster scenario, to the workings of a Kanban system in a mythical factory… to aliens arriving from another planet! Data can be collected during the event to enhance team learning and development.

  • Realtime pressure creates challenge for teams
  • Bespoke scenarios that participants can understand and buy into
  • Split second decisions made and consequences understood
  • Timing can be staged to allow for scenarios to develop realistically
  • As part of a wider event or as a team build exercise
  • Characters can display a full range of emotions
  • Leadership and delegation skills can be tested
‘…Following on from our meeting on Monday I would like to say that Mary did a wonderful job with the role plays at our training meeting - indeed we quite forgot she was not a real patient at all !...’

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