Recruiting leaders and managers is hard work – potential external candidates don’t know your organisation, your industry or your style… so identifying and developing talent from within your existing staff can be both cost effective and beneficial.

Assessments or development workshops for identifying future talent can help you see the possibilities within the ranks… these can be flexible events, using in the moment and written feedback alongside detailed discussions with L and D trainers, to ensure that everyone taking part gains from the experience. Roleplay scenarios can be devised to reflect the kind of challenges particpants might face if they took on more responsibility, so your team can see how participants might cope under stress or challenge.

Focused development workshops, majoring on the particular skills needed to step up to the next level can also be useful, allowing you to observe their behavioural style and intensively train on processes and policies

  • Assess and benchmark teams
  • Identify and develop talent within your own organisation
  • Events and workshops to challenge
  • Provide the tools to make the leap possible
  • Gives an opportunity for personal growth
'… I thought Richard was excellent today he clearly knew the case ‘back to front’ and gave a real impression of a true customer, I felt that his relaxed manner placed all 3 candidates at ease which in a pressure situation such as today was gratefully received… '

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There are many different ways which roleplay can be used in the training room and the assessment arena – continue exploring to see how we can help.


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