An opportunity for you to observe participants in a live, interactive situation, giving assessors the behavioural evidence they need to complete an assessment of a participant’s skills…

Professional roleplayers allow your assessors to concentrate fully on their primary task of observing, recording, classifying and evaluating the exercise in front of them, giving the participant a fairer, more consistent experience – and your project the best possible outcome.

Careful casting, intensive training and continuous monitoring of the consistency of the roleplayer’s performance throughout the life and geographical scope of the project is key, to give all participants equal opportunity to show off their capabilities, and give you the best chance of a successful and cost effective outcome.

What we can offer

  • Observing your participants in an interactive, live situation
  • Assisting assessors, sharing feedback on participant impact if requested
  • Believable and realistic characterisations
  • Fair and consistent performances maintained
  • Specific behaviours benchmarked and replicated
  • Integrity and confidentiality of materials and process
  • Casting, training and management as required
  • Professional, reliable and flexible
‘…What worked well, was that I had good actors, who made the situations very real – and not being a good actor myself, I had no option but to follow their cues. Soon after that, things began to feel very real and I responded accordingly…’

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