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A major financial sector client runs their Graduate Recruitment campaign every week of the year in London, and fortnightly for regional centres in Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Reading, Bristol, Edinburgh, Watford and Glasgow.

Our roleplayer teams have supported these assessments for 4 years, running teams of between 4 and 7 role-players per centre per day. A particular challenge here, is in maintaining consistency of performance across the piece, not just within a centre, but between all the centres across the country over a long period of time.

In order to achieve this, we have devised a system which includes updated video training footage, crib sheets with key ‘must dos and don’ts’ and regular team refresher events, in order to keep the material fresh. We work closely with our client to pick up quickly on any inconsistency throughout the project, and to keep the centres running smoothly.

Using 2 role-plays, with the roleplayer playing both an external customer and an internal manager, the exercises are designed to allow particular behavioural evidence to be assessed against their graduate guidelines, so that along with other exercises and interviews during the day, the graduates get a good opportunity to demonstrate their capability. This part of the process examines their interpersonal skills, with the client able to see the delegates in a real life situation, communicating with both ‘Client’ and ‘Manager’ effectively.

‘…The actors within the scenarios were clearly trained professionals, who were able to take on the roles with ease…’

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