Short playlets and scenarios can be used successfully in many situations, either to get messages across clearly and directly, or to facilitate lively discussion in the training room. For example, they are often used as icebreakers for events, to allow participants the opportunity to ‘eavesdrop’ on staff talking about issues that are affecting them in the workplace.

They can also be run as ‘How Not to…’ scenarios, with audiences left in no doubt about the issue at hand and with encouragement for them to decide how the situation should be resolved. Conversely, they can also be run as a demonstration of the perfect interaction – and whichever version is used, scripted or improvised, the roleplayers can project exactly the image, style and content required, making this an ideal element for a roadshow, conference or training event.

The scripted piece can also seamlessly move into a Forum Theatre exercise, where the audience decides if there are improvements or changes in style that would create a better conclusion for the situation.

  • Illustrations of good or bad practise
  • Ice breaker exercise
  • Water cooler moment
  • ‘How not to...’ or ‘How to…’
  • Creates discussion in the room
  • Reflects staff issues back to them
  • Can be improved in Forum Theatre style
' ..I just wanted to express our thanks for the support that they both gave on the day. Vicki (my fellow trainer) and I were very impressed by their preparation, skill and professionalism and they had a substantial impact on the day with our customer remarking that it was “essential that they were here”…'

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