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Using demonstration scenarios in a slightly different way, this Car Manufacturer client prefers to use live scenarios in the training room as a flexible and refreshing change from video. Although video versions of the scenarios have been created, the benefits of having the roleplayers there in the room far outweigh the extra costs involved for them, as the materials can then be modified and flexed to suit the participants in the room on the day.

Primarily used as a training tool for managers conducting appraisals and reviews, there is also a version of this workshop for the staff themselves, outlining what they can expect from the experience and how they should use it to their advantage.

The scenarios themselves include a ‘Coffee Machine Moment’ conversation between two managers about what the situation is at present and the issues they are facing. This is designed to start the session off and get the participants talking about their own experiences. The trainer then takes them through several exercises before coming to other scenarios; ‘How not to…’ versions of the key points of a review meeting and stop/start versions, where the trainer stops at at pre-designated places to get the group’s feedback on what is happening, and suggestions about what might have worked better.


'They did a great job. The delegates really benefited from it, and I look forward to working with them again in 2 weeks time…'

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