When a bespoke solution is needed for an assessment, training or conference event, carefully researched and relevant materials are a key element. Whether devising a basic scenario structure for roleplayers to improvise around, or writing a tightly managed script for a multi camera video shoot, our team can help.

Getting a sense of your organisation’s house style is important before starting to put together a piece; it is important to know the way your people talk and interact – and how your specific industry informs those interactions. The message, or purpose of the piece is just as important, as is keeping the material concise, challenging, entertaining and effective. The final consideration is how it will be used – live during events or training, part of a wider process, streamed online or pinned up on a digital platform for all to access.

Our writers work with client’s L and D teams to create elegant solutions for their needs, and together with our casting service, we can also help with producing, directing, filming, technical equipment and studio hire.

  • Bespoke
  • Devised in close collaboration
  • Careful research and development
  • Authentic to your style and values
  • Flexible to your needs
  • Reflects your organisational style
  • Informative, entertaining or challenging as required

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There are many different ways which roleplay can be used in the training room and the assessment arena – continue exploring to see how we can help.

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