Our selection process involves a system of interview and training workshops, specially devised to allow us to select the right people for the clients we work with.

To be considered for inclusion onto the MBA Ltd associate database, you must be an experienced professional actor, trained at an accredited Drama School and preferably a member of Equity, who has worked in the profession for at least a year. You should also have business experience in at least one of the sectors we operate in.

Past roleplay experience always useful, but we are happy to train people we think have potential in the discipline. We hold interview, training and refresher workshops across the country periodically as required.

If you would like to be considered for the next workshop in your area, please send us over your theatre and business cv, along with a recent professional headshot and current contact details. A Spotlight link is a good way to send photos – please don’t send huge multi megabyte headshots as they will block our servers. Also, pleased tell us about any roleplay experience and special skills you have, along with information about where you are actually based, not just where you are prepared to travel to.

Please send these details to: