Customers are people – and our roleplayers are expert at portraying all kinds of people, from all walks of life, demonstrating a wide range of emotional and commercial issues and needs. Using a combination of training interventions alongside scenarios and interactive roleplay games, the main issues that your staff face every day can be replicated, dissected and discussed.

The ability to sell successfully is a skill, with every sector having it’s own guidelines, regulations and styles to master. From the financial world to the car industry, the retail world to FMCG, our teams replicate the conditions required to attain the high standards required by our clients.

Dealing with challenging customers in any sector can be stressful, so a chance for staff and managers to practice these conversations in a safe environment is valuable. With scenarios or forum theatre style sessions in groups, expert knowledge can be offered, experiences shared and company procedure reinforced.

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  • An opportunity to reinforce your organisational style
  • Observe your staff interacting with customers
  • Understand who is the customer and why service matters
  • Practice dealing with complaints and difficult situations
  • Deal with emotion and aggression in a safe environment
  • Bring real experiences to the training room to share
  • Refresh staff on policy, law and company guidelines
'…Just wanted to provide a little feedback on Claire today; she played the part of a new customer entirely ‘in character’ and whilst maintaining the integrity of the case study also asked some really pertinent questions that made the delegates think… '

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There are many different ways which roleplay can be used in the training room and the assessment arena – continue exploring to see how we can help.

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