Excellent customer service is a prerequisite in the Leisure Sector, but our client wants not only to instil good practice into their staff, but to create an atmosphere of consistent high performance, with every interaction with customers being used to increase their already pleasurable experience.

To this end, a series of scenarios was devised to capture what less successful interactions would look like, then showing how different a customer’s experience would be if thought, focus, imagination and passion was added. A selection of these scenarios were filmed onsite to reflect real life customer service episodes, with our team playing both staff and customers.

These clips are used in both their training and induction processes, to embed the company ethos into staff from the moment they arrive onsite, and were so useful that further scenarios aimed at specific site departments were later devised and filmed in the same way to complement their existing training materials.

'…The interactive sessions made the sessions interesting and really worthwhile to attend. This was different and a better way of relaying behaviours than the previous, read, read, read. This was practical. Don't we all know that good practice makes perfect?!. The acting sessions were brilliant, very practical, relevant and beneficial to relay the message on behaviours across… '

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