This was a 2 day workshop, specifically designed to help members of staff from across the Business Service Division manage and deal with their own and others reactions to change, and the effect on the organisation. Our client wanted the sessions to introduce ideas, open the floor for difficult and frank discussion and be interactive and inclusive, as well as being informative, stimulating, and entertaining.

After a couple of intense devising sessions with their in-house trainers, first a pilot and then live workshops were rolled out to the staff population in groups of 18 across several months. The reaction of the participants throughout was very positive – they had been through a prolonged period of major change which was unsettling for everyone in the organisation. There was more change to come, and everyone had a story to tell about how it had affected them personally, as well as on the business as a whole.

The scenarios struck many chords – and the participants found that being able to explore different ways of looking at a situation, learning more about their own and others personal reactions, gave them better insight into what change means to individuals and teams and how this translates to the workplace.

We devised a set of scenarios based around a fictitious company, whose three characters demonstrated very different reactions to the change that was happening around them. Using a number of techniques (playlets, story telling, describing what is going on in the character’s heads, delegates being able to discuss with the characters the motivation behind their actions and direct them to behave differently, perceptual positioning, forum theatre interventions, hot seating and tag forum theatre) the roleplayers stayed in character for the whole session, enabling the delegates to really get under their skin and find out what was making them tick.

The feedback from these workshops was very positive, especially about the interactive elements.

'… Just to let you know, the course went extremely well yesterday. We got terrific feedback from the delegates… '

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