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Using scenarios to tell stories and share experience is a great way to start a workshop or conference as an icebreaker. For two Government Departments holding Town Hall meetings, it was an obvious way to begin long days of discussion, team exercises and networking. Both organisations wanted delegates to know that both organisers and senior team were well aware of the problems and issues faced by staff, but wanted them to suspend their scepticism for the moment and participate fully in the day ahead.

A series of roadshows was designed, with events held across the regions, focussing on change within the service. After much research and discussion with members of the conference management team and staff, we devised scenarios which highlighted the main concerns and issues for the delegates in the room about the proposed changes that were about to take place. Our team played them – members of the audience – on stage in front of them talking about the issues of the day, problems in the workplace and how they felt no-one was listening to them.

The reaction of the audiences was positive; the scenarios lightened the atmosphere and showed that their voices had been heard and their opinions considered, before the work of the conference could begin in earnest.

'…I am very grateful to you both for your outstanding performances on Friday… You were outstanding and the audience kept on talking about you and the whole performance that evening and on Saturday…'

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