Working in partnership with an external consultancy, we provided roleplayer support for Chief Operating Officer Development centres and Leadership Academy’s Leadership Development Programmes for NHS regional clients.

The delegates were individuals who were seen to have the potential to make a significant contribution to the NHS in the coming years, and in some cases to be potential COOs, for regions which had just gone through massive change programmes.

The competency set was comprehensive and stretching for these groups and the roleplay element was pitched to capture evidence of all competencies at least once throughout the event, with our team portraying a variety of admin staff and medical / Local Authority stakeholders, in a series of scenarios specially designed to challenge views and stretch capabilities.

These meetings were assessed, so the level of consistency was particularly important to maintain, allowing delegates the best opportunity to show their communication, negotiating and management skills. A diverse team of roleplayers was trained to cover these projects, which started life as pilot sessions with volunteer delegates at the required level, to test the exercises and gain a consistent level of challenge and continuity of performance.

The course was tough, but thorough… the delegates recognized the reality of the level of pressure that would be applied to them in the role and appreciated the opportunity to test their metal.

'…I've now received the feedback sheets from the delegates and thought you would like to know that the actors were rated as 'Excellent' by all the delegates who responded. Please feel free to pass this on to the actors…'

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