Finding the right person for the role in a fast paced, high safety industry is a demanding task – and our Energy Sector client takes it’s Emerging Talent programmes very seriously. One of their programmes is for potential managers selected from the team leader population, and we support them on an experiential day, with exercises covering the kinds of meetings and issues that come up in the working life of a manager.

Our roleplayers play direct reports and peers from other parts of the organisation during these meetings, displaying a wide range of personality characteristics to challenge the participants and give them valuable practice in dealing with different situations.

The meetings are observed and assessed by the training team, with a short, live feedback session after each one, when the participant is able to instantly gain insight from the observer and the roleplayer about the impact the conversation had and how small adjustments may have improved the outcome. The observations and lessons learned from the sessions are then built into the individual’s development plans.


'… I thought Richard was excellent today he clearly knew the case ‘back to front’ and gave a real impression of a true customer...'

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