Our work with a national Network Controller used MBTI typed teams, Forum Theatre exercises and a practical vocal / body language workshop, which was effective in supporting staff around influencing and communicating with challenging colleagues and managers in their workplace.

As a module within a larger training piece, these sessions included 2 days of MBTI personality type training, with our typed roleplayer teams supporting participants with exercises designed to help them learn about and identify different MBTI preferences and operating styles. By encouraging them to work with types very different than their own, they were able to better identify where differences in style lay, and to flex their own behaviour to influence situations they were placed in.

During the course of the workshop, our roleplayer facilitators delivered a Personal Impact session exploring vocal and body language skills, before sessions of 1-1, facilitated, realplay forum theatre in groups, using current personal situations brought from the delegates own work environment to practise with. The feedback gathered showed that they gained an enormous amount of confidence from trying out different techniques, learning to counter arguments and challenge undermining behaviour and hostility. They were able to take this confidence back with them to their workplace, helping them to understand and resolve situations they found themselves in.

'…It was evident from what she said and how she was after that session that it had made a big difference to her – so it’s great to hear that she still felt that positive about it when back in the team in which she’s having quite a tough time…'

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