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Choosing the most effective method of communicating, negotiating and managing is a key part of the Leadership role. This Pharmaceutical client recognises the importance of this and builds it into their training workshops, using roleplay to illustrate the different styles and 1-1 interactive sessions to practise techniques.

With our team portraying customers, staff members and suppliers, this client designed scenarios along the lines of the Thomas Kilman conflict modes to explore the use of different behavioural choices with a selection of characters and situations.

Run, Forum Theatre style, in small groups, the conversations are observed by the rest of the group, with in the moment feedback available after each interaction for trainer, observers and the roleplayer team themselves, to give a complete picture to the participant.

‘…I also value them for their flexibility. On several occasions we’ve asked for an extra actor at short notice (i.e. less than 24 hours) and they have responded well. They have never yet let us down on this!...’

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