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Our Leisure Sector client wanted to encourage a diverse group of high-level senior managers to work together more as a team, challenging the prevailing silo thinking ethos, as they headed their own, very different, areas within the organisation. The wider aim was to create an organisation wide style, based on trust, collaboration and team working.

The participant’s brief for the event was to write and perform 2 plays, using the values of the organisation as the subject, which they should illustrate in an entertaining way. This was to be performed on the final day to the CEO, live, and also to be captured on video.

In fact, the whole event was captured on video, complete with video diaries and extensive footage of their journey over the three days: getting ideas together, putting pen to paper and taking their story to the stage. Working with a limited budget and strict timescales, they took over the Birmingham Hippodrome studio for the duration – and the result was a nail biting race to the finish as they struggled with writing, directing, acting, producing – as well as the technical aspects of costume, props, light and sound.

Our team were there to support – a writing team, drama coaches, directing coaches and tech staff, illustrating the many diverse skills needed to put together a theatre production, where teams can be selected from all over the world, work together for a very short rehearsal time and then create a finished production to a deadline, with each department trusting the others to do their part to the best of their ability. Our brief was to assist where necessary, recognising the need to step back if the situation demanded and coming forward again when particular advice was required.

The end result was a powerful experience for everyone, as they worked together in completely different ways from normal to get their productions ready for the final performance… one memorable comment from the video diary room summed up the participant’s general feeling of helplessness and confusion when they started the workshop, but that it had actually ended up as one of the best things he’d ever done. By the end of the workshop, the feeling was that the experience was the hardest, yet the most useful so far in their quest toward a unified team.

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