Our teams supported this Car Manufacturing client with several Team Build and Change events, as they looked for different and creative ways to convey messages about a massive change management process they were introducing.

One event was a devised entertainment road show, rolled out to the entire production workforce. Devised and scripted in close collaboration with HR and L and D, this fast paced variety style show highlighted the serious and important messages that management were keen to promote in an entertaining and memorable way.

Another event used our teams for an element of an away day for managers, supporting a short, afternoon to evening team build session. The group split into 4 teams and created themed, entertaining sketches to be performed that evening at their gala dinner, scripting and rehearsing the material as well as finding props, set and costumes from around the venue we were working at.

Our team supplied the technical help, with tips on brainstorming and writing, coaching the actors on performance, staging the piece and on the technical elements of light and sound as required.

The teams learned a lot about working together, working on a shoestring and presenting an idea in an entertaining way; a great evening was had by all.

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