Online Support and Covid-19

Well before the arrival of Covid-19, with all its associated restrictions and lockdowns, there had started a slow and steady move towards the use of technology alongside traditional face to face assessment, development and training options.

Informal briefing sessions were already commonplace using Skype or Facetime, along with use of embedded video scenarios, voice-overs on animated websites, presenters with information materials, and online events to unite participants across cities, countries and time zones. As these began to form a natural part of our work, so our teams were trained in the particular techniques necessary to maximise online impact and effectiveness.

During this last year, more and more of our clients have been getting to grips with running assessment, development and training via online platforms such as Zoom, MS Teams and GoToMeeting, as well as developing their own internal platforms, to carry on with their essential training, recruitment, assessment and development work.

We have been able to support them throughout, with roleplayers who have the right tech equipment, knowhow and performance training, working from their homes or our offices, and using their own computers, home studios and recording facilities.

Whether our support is via scenarios to demonstrate, interactive assessed roleplay meetings, recorded video sections or voice over assets… whether hosting events ourselves or joining a client’s host platform… we utilise plenary sessions, breakout rooms, shared screens, chat boxes and WhatsApp groups to educate, illustrate, simulate, inform and entertain, allowing participants the all-important opportunity to practise techniques and show their capabilities in a safe environment.

Our roleplayer teams and facilitators are well trained in online techniques – in staging, in screen performance, using enhanced body language, clearer speech, connectedness, greater interactivity, good use of chat boxes, use of questioning, ensure understanding and dealing with minor tech issues.

Recent work includes:

– Training sessions with a merchant bank about confident conversations and with social workers about gaining evidence from vulnerable people

– Recruitment assessment centres for local government using structured roleplay and recorded scenarios

– Development centres for a multi-national company across several countries and time zones

– Voice Over character work for emergency services training and recruitment.

We also, when possible between lockdowns, support Covid safe, face to face centres across the country. Fully risk assessed and discussed in detail with our clients beforehand, each set of events are run military style, with strict adherence to social distancing, masks, visors, cleanliness and venue management, sometimes using Perspex screens for extra protection… doing our utmost to ensure the safety of our teams, participants, assessors and clients alike.

Management team

Michael Browne


As a professional actor, Michael’s experience spans the West End, Rep, TV and touring productions both in the UK and overseas. His extensive experience as a roleplayer in many different disciplines and business sectors, gives him an in-depth understanding of the processes involved, enabling him to cast, brief, train and mentor our teams to a high standard.

Angie Smith


With credits in West End, Rep, UK and overseas theatre tours, TV and radio, Angie’s professional skills in characterisation and improvisation are a valuable asset, leading her to extensive and varied business roleplay experience. With business involvement outside of the theatre industry, she has an understanding of organisations and their processes, which she brings to her writing, training and directing roles.

Over 750 professional roleplayers nationwide

We maintain a diverse, multi-skilled and carefully selected collection of experienced practitioners, who are based all around the UK.

Our associates are classified by region, gender, playing age, experience and special skills, so casting to client requirement is a simple and effortless process.

Roleplayers, facilitators, trainers and presenters are invited to join us following a comprehensive selection process that includes both interviews and a practical skills workshop.

Across the UK

Our teams are based in major cities across the UK, so we are able to cast regionally for our clients projects, keeping your travel costs to a minimum. Our database is divided into 8 regions - London, Midlands, North, Wales and West, East, South, Scotland and NI.

The same high standards for our associates apply, wherever they are based, so you can be confident of working with professionals who are well briefed and understand the assignment and the processes you need to work with.

The casting, briefing and management of our associates are co-ordinated from our head office in Bedfordshire, our company office in London and via our team leaders throughout the regions.

How We Work

Committed to quality, our focus is on “Getting It Right First Time”, to satisfy our clients and develop strong operational relationships.

By working in partnership, learning about our clients’ needs and agreeing desired project outcomes, we can devise materials to challenge, cast diverse and authentic teams, train and brief roleplayers to benchmark performance levels and maintain consistency throughout.

Our associates work with us under our strict code of conduct, covering knowledge of materials, professional behaviour, dress code, confidentiality and punctuality.

We believe in continuous training and development of our staff and associates, sharing best practise and experience, and ensuring that we continue to meet, and exceed, the expectations and needs of all our clients.

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