With Covid-19 still doing it’s worst,  it’s a troubling time at the moment for everyone… so many of us working from home or furloughed from our jobs, and even more of us working selflessly on the front line, keeping our country safe, well, fed and mobile.

In our roleplay and creative worlds, face to face work has obviously had to be put on hold for now – but that doesn’t mean we’re completely closing for business. Online interactive training and assessment via Zoom, Microsoft Teams and other sharing platforms is becoming more popular… all kinds of events involving live assessed roleplay, along with elements of storytelling, scenario video clips, voice over and audio content, all planned, devised, filmed and recorded by us and our associates in home studios, and used in online events and gatherings to illustrate, inform, instruct, motivate and entertain.

Even once the current lockdown is finally relaxed, we know it will still be some time before clients feel confident enough to hold ‘in person’ training courses and assessment centres. This makes it even more important to explore how we can use our skills now to help, using whatever technology is available, to recruit, train, develop and learn in safety.

Our teams are trained in online techniques, to help add interactive elements to our client’s events with the minimum of fuss and maximum technical knowhow.

Training will be expanded further over the coming weeks, to safeguard both our teams and our clients and incorporating whatever new conditions are necessary to allow us to start face to face meeting and working once again. This will be around the continuing need for social distancing measures and how to manage this within events and assessments, advice on travel and ongoing logistical challenges – but above all, it will be around staying well and ensuring everyone involved is comfortable and protected as much as possible.

Keep safe and well – and we hope to see you soon when it’s possible for us all to meet again.


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