Changing behaviours within an established organisation is a tricky business, so this major Transport client decided that using scenarios and forum theatre style stop/start roleplay would be the ideal tool for their workshops, to fully engage their staff and illustrate the issues they were facing.

The workshops were rolled out in tandem with intranet episodes that supported the behaviours that they wished to encourage, with scenarios devised in collaboration with the client to show authentic examples of how these behaviours could be encouraged with focus and attention.

A series of demonstration scenarios and themed games that highlighted the behaviours was devised, which the audience was encouraged to comment on. This was followed later on in the workshop with typical workplace examples that were re-directed by the audience to better use the desired behaviours and get to a better outcome for all concerned. This ranged from dealing with poor behaviour and conversations between colleagues, to how to enthuse and support already high performing members of staff.

The feedback from these sessions was consistently high, with the roleplay element especially mentioned as the high point of the experience.

'…just to say that we got some great feedback from the participants on Bryonie - she was really authentic in the role-play and three of the four participants commented on how realistic she made the meeting...'

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