As a preferred supplier with a major force in the banking world, we work closely with their Learning and Development teams to devise and support their range of workshops for managers. Originally devised to update existing managers about new procedures and responsibilities following a restructure, these workshops have now become part of a wider supporting programme for both new and existing managers to practise skills and share experience with others.

These one day sessions use scenarios specifically devised for each style of workshop, with the groups using interactive Forum Theatre techniques, directing the roleplayer to a better outcome as a group and then taking part individually in the scenarios themselves. Hot seating and tag roleplaying is also used as directed by the trainer facilitator.

The situations are designed to encourage discussion and comment, exploring the role of the manager with particular emphasis on communication skills, duty of care, correct procedure and other responsibilities. Our roleplayer facilitators play the parts of staff members, with versions of the exercises for different parts of the organisation.

This workshop format is used across the country for a variety of subjects covering different areas of managing – disciplinary, attendance, under performance, interviews and complex cases.

‘The level of service offered is always very high: both in terms of the quality of actors supplied, and also the service from Angie and Michael themselves…’

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