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We were commissioned to script, cast and produce a video for this Government Department, to illustrate an important section during a nationwide roadshow. The events themselves were staged for staff, managers, stakeholders and other interested parties, to outline the progress made over the past year with a particular Government initiative, and to inform the audience about future plans in the pipeline.

A slice of reality, this piece was gritty and raw, with true-to-life case studies used to showcase issues being faced daily by these communities. Cast authentically from our teams, the main challenge here was the short timescales we had to work with, with only a day allowed for the filming and a week for the edit before the events took place.

Using split screen and voice over, some of the footage was challenging for the audience to watch as they had gone though similar episodes in their own lives. Thankfully, the resolution section of the stories told of the successes of the initiative and the difference it had made to everyone’s lives.

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ScenariosDiversity / Bullying / Discrimination

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