This Construction Sector client cares passionately about nurturing talent from within, running a comprehensive High Performance Programme, with modules spanning several months. We supported external trainers with a module designed to explore Impact, Influence and Gravitas, to take the edge off those high level conversations that these potential leaders would need to participate in.

With a combination of story telling scenarios, interactive vocal and physical sessions, forum theatre and roleplay games, our teams of roleplayer facilitators helped the groups explore their own vocal and body language range, with a chance to practise conversing and presenting in a variety of styles.

Useful tips and strategies were also shared, both on the day and in concise booklets to take away, so the exercises and tips could be practised away from the training room. The workshops were lively, interactive and enjoyable for all, with positive feedback both at the session and from the workplace afterwards.

'…The roleplayers have been fab! The client was particularly anxious about this part of the process but is very pleased with the roleplayers. They have been very flexible, accommodating and a pleasure to work with and I am sure I reflect the views of the assessors when I communicate that… '

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