In collaboration with this Charity Sector client, we devised and supported both live and video workshops, to help trainers supporting staff around issues arising from their Performance Management System.

These scenarios were designed to deliver information and celebrate differences in staff performance; to assure staff at all levels that a ‘Good’ score in their appraisal rating is the required level – and that a higher rating would require efforts above and beyond. With demonstration scenarios and the chance to practice difficult conversations, these were half day workshops that often needed to be run via video link to reach the wide distribution of staff across the world. Challenges of language and diverse culture issues, a need for remote mgt in larger territories, and a general resistance to the process as a whole were met and overcome.

The scenarios were devised after much research, using structured impro techniques. Each session was adjusted for the attendees on the day, with Senior Level sessions and remote mgt sessions conducted by conference call, as would be the norm.

Feedback for this programme was good… the managers liked the use of roleplay, and felt more confident about carrying out the reviews for their teams. The outcome for the client was a successful roll out of a new appraisal system with minimal problems.

'…The meeting last month went well thanks – I definitely found the opportunity to practice with yourself and Mary very beneficial…'

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